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Amazing podcast and very good information. Thanks for a very nice and well spent listening hour

This is amazing!!!

i have always loved podcasts but for people filled with curiosity like me this is perfect! we miss you Dr Meeker!! -becca c.

My favorite little podcast

I really enjoy this show. A lot of variety and a good chemistry with the hosts. Great podcasts if you like history or just good stories and interesting tidbits.

Fun and interesting!

Really fun podcast filled with interesting history. Great voices who interact perfectly with each other to add personal viewpoints.

This is amazing!!!

i love how this podcast is in a format of learning but fun if I could give it a five star I would -Rebecca☺️💞✨

Fun show, good for the whole family!

Love this show. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s chock full of great stories. I learn a lot and it’s the kind of show I can enjoy with the family around and not worry about foul language or anything like that. Kind of like Ripley’s Believe it or Not for the modern age.


Need a few apolitical stories that appeal to a wide audience during the holidays, or anytime? Look no further than Remnant Stew. These episodes explore an interesting theme for around 40 minutes and will keep your ears and brain happy.

Worth the wait..!!!

I have been waiting for this podcast to premier, now that it has it was worth the wait. If have a curious mind like me and are always on the hunt to fill your brain with the strange and interesting I recommend Remnant Stew...!!

Good job

Super good

Listen and learn!

Such a fun, lighthearted show with entertaining and fascinating historical stories. The Balloon episode is great! Subscribe to this show and support their wonderful work! Thanks for the work, Remnant!

Fun & Informative

What a fun listen for anyone interested in quirky history and stories lost to time. Short and sweet and jam-packed with all sorts of trivia and interesting tidbits.

Light and refreshing!

Great way to make the drive a little easier. When you can’t take any more of the mainstream media, Steve and Leah will lighten your spirit and ease your soul. Their laid back and unique conversations are always a joy to hear.