Remnant Stew


Remnant Stew is a fortnightly podcast with new episodes dropping every other Monday morning featuring weird, bizarre and intriguing true stories.

Leah and Steve track down and bring to you some of the wackiest stories and unbelievable trivia. Like the shrimp that spits out a glowing loogie (All Aglow), or the riot in South Carolina calling for the release of a captive mermaid (Behold the Mermaid), or the time five teenage boys wanted to meet the Beatles so badly that they impersonated the opening act…and got away with it! (Imposters)

Leah, Steve, Phil

So if you need a break from the news and want something to satisfy a curious mind, then tune in to Remnant Stew. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcast or any of your favorite podcast platforms.

We hope you’ll tune in and join the adventure. And in the meantime, as always, please remember to be kind, and ALWAYS STAY CURIOUS!