Remnant Stew

Remnant Stew

Leah Lamp and Steve Meeker scour the ends of the earth to bring you stories of the strange and bizarre. There's a brand-spanking new episode every other Monday so tune in to satisfy your appetite for all things curious and intriguing.

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May 09, 2022


S3E10 | The world is a curious place., today’s episode features weird and wondrous geographical oddities from all over the world. Thank you for listening, StewHeads! Follow Remnant Stew, discuss the episodes and answer the Tr...

April 25, 2022


S3E09 | Just as we brought you stories of American Monsters in our last episode, now it’s time to discover some of the legendary creatures and beasts that inhabit the murky places in the rest of the world, today we explore th...

April 11, 2022


S3E08 | The United States is a vast landscape teeming with wildlife. Perhaps there’s more creatures out there in the forest, swamps and waterways that exist just outside of scientific explanation. Today we explore just a smal...

March 28, 2022


S3E07| From risking her life and well-being for her investigative journalism to accomplishing something only done in a Jules Verne novel, this episode is all about the intrepid Nellie Bly. Thank you for listening, StewHeads! ...

March 14, 2022


S3E06 | Time has been described as a relentless predator and we have many ways that we attempt to tame and constrain that predator. But are we successful? Put your hands on your hips and pull your knees in tight.... Thank yo...