Feb. 28, 2023

CONUNDRUM | March 2023 | Message From Space

CONUNDRUM | March 2023 | Message From Space


I am asking for your assistance in a sensitive and top-secret matter. Included with this letter is a set of highly classified images from the Steven Meeker Space Telescope. The images are from a particular area of space in which a series of strange light-emitting objects have been observed. These lights are equally spaced and are of two distinct luminosities. The lights display a different pattern for four days,  are off for the fifth day and then the pattern repeats.

We are certain this is a communication attempt. We believe the engraved extraterrestrial object you discovered last year could be key in deciphering the communication. Would you please look into the matter and report your findings immediately?

This message must be highly important, and our response could alter the course of human history. I eagerly await your response.

Master Sergeant Lamp
Special Task Force
Area 51

Let's start solving this puzzle by looking at the engraved object with the word “Greetings” on it. The word GREETINGS along with the code beside it shows how each letter is worked out.

The Letter G:   
You see that beside it there is a large circle, an empty space, another empty space and finally another large circle. The fact that the circles are all large means the letter will be in the group at the top rather than those at the bottom. Starting at the large circle (red arrow) to get to the letter G you have to go left, right, right, left. So you can tell that the light being on means move left and off means move right.

The Letter R:   
Similarly, you can see that beside the letter R there is a dim light, no light, dim light, and dim light. The fact that it uses a small circle tells you the letter will be on the bottom of the engraved object. Starting at the small circle (blue arrow) to get to the R you have to go left, right, left, left. Again you can see that the light being on means move left and off means move right.

The rest of the letters work the same way so now we can look at the space images. Each image is of the same area of space, one image for each of the four days of observation.  Notice there are 7 squares. That means the message will be a 7 letter word.

Square 1: You can see that in the first square of Image 1 a bright light is shown. There is also a bright light in Square 1 of both Images 2 & 3 but in Image 4 the light is off. That can be depicted like this:   

Look at the engraved object, start at the large circle (red arrow) and go left, left, left, right. That takes you to the letter B

Square 2: This one also contains the bright light so the letter will be at the top of the engraved object. The light is on (left), off (right), on (left), on (left) which takes you to the letter E

You will do this with each of the rest of the squares of the images to receive the full message. If you need further explanation please send an email to StayCurious@RemnantStew.com


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