March 24, 2023

CONUNDRUM | April 2023 | What's My Name?

CONUNDRUM | April 2023 | What's My Name?

Coloring Easter eggs is a fun thing to do this time of year. Each egg has its own unique decorations that lend themselves to a singular, perfect name for him or her. This is your chance to learn this naming secret. Shown are the names of three eggs, but the fourth egg’s name you will have to discover for yourself.


Notice that each egg has unique features such as stripes, dots, lines, etc. You can figure out the name of each egg using these features along with the Egg Naming Alphabet chart.

Have you mapped out each name?

  • FIRST LETTER has to do with how may eyes the egg has
  • SECOND LETTER has to do with the number of spots on the egg
  • THIRD LETTER corresponds to the number of eyelashes on each eye 
  • FOURTH LETTER is determined by the number of stripes

If you look closely you'll notice that the eggs have teeth pointing up or down as well as lines on either the left or on the right.

Looking at ROSE and the first letter of her name, her first tooth points up and the top line (thinner than a stripe and doesn't go all the way across) is on the right. So looking in the top right quadrant of the EGG NAMING ALPHABET you see that the second letter (because ROSE has 2 eyes) is R.

For FINN's first letter you would look in the upper left quadrant of the ALPHABET and look at the first letter and see that it's F.

Jumping to the unnamed egg, first tooth is up and the first line is on the left. The egg also has 2 eyes so looking in the top left quadrant at the 2nd letter you'll find that the name starts with a P.

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SOLUTION: The name of the egg is PETE.